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Drag Me to Hell, Sam Raimi

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New poster for Sam Raimi’s return to horror “Drag Me To Hell” got dropped into the exclusive hands of  The Poster’s cool, the trailer doesn’t look bad.  It’s Sam Raimi.  All good things.  But that whole PG-13 horror thing is running around naked in the back of my head and it’s ass looks like something swiss cheese  shat out.

I’ll fight hard to keep my mind open.  I would love to post the image here, but it wont let me, so here’s the link:

Go look.


Blue Mundane

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Spent the evening at “Blue Monday”, a local club night here in L.A., that, in theory specializes in 80’s music.  Now don’t get me wrong I like the 80’s and especially the music.  And having spent the ages 6 through 16 in the 80’s, I feel I’m about as qualified an expert as you can get when it comes to the decade.  But that wasn’t MY 80’s. I mean yeah it was, but everyone still looks like Bar Sinister denizens-lite, and the music was the same overplayed “Dance Hits of the 80’s” CD  that was so tired it was coma-like when I was in high school.  Where’s the good music?  Where’s some variety?  Where’s the skinny ties and varied denizens? Is there even a human DJ spinning anymore? How many times can you kick step to Soft Cell for christ’s sake….  Blah.

Is the life of a Repo Chick also always intense?

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Alex Cox via his own blog, talks about finishing Repo Chick, the sequel to one of my favorite movies of all time, Repo Man.  I trust Cox to a point, but I don’t have very high expectations.  Repo Man was a product of it’s time, a crazy sci-fi, punk rock movie with a soundtrack that came from heaven itself.  If by heaven you think like I do; a blood and beer drenched alleyway.

Repo Man Cover

(Otto is still probably circling the galaxy decades later)

What is interesting, are his talks about microfeatures, shooting movies on the cheap and fast.  I agree with him (because it’s obvious)  that this is the way to go, especially in this day and age of no one having any money, but still have the drive to make something more than shorts.  And god knows I like the idea of lots of small budget feature films being made, I know a lot of people who need the work, heh.

Of course his comment about horror being the first refuge of mediocrity is insulting, but I’ll forgive him.  I watch enough Sci-Fi Channel to understand there is some truth to that statement.  But that doesn’t damn all small budget horror.  Fucker.

Some green screen from the set

Some green screen from the set

Anyways, the current climate needs a Repo person, Man or Chick, and I’ve heard there will be a giant robot, so sold.

Civic Vultures

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Someday, I’m gonna build a giant origami hand with middle finger extended  out of all of the bullshit parking tickets I’ve aquired since moving to L.A.  And then maybe I’ll leave it on the steps of city hall in the middle of the night.

Welcome, to Fright Night.

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Hello, welcome to my blog-o-lisheeus space.

Spent the morning waking up late  and watching Dollhouse, as part of my weekly Sunday morning television-a-thon where I catch up on all the stuff I didnt need to watch during the actual week.  Which really only includes ‘Lost’, seeing as how that’s time sensitive.

Dollhouse is getting remarkably better, last week’s was killer (Of course Joss wrote it, and yes, I am one of those Whedon-dorks who refers to him by first name only).  This weeks episode didnt quite live up to the promise of the last one, but it had some great character moments.  I like that it’s trying to humanize Olivia William’s DeWitt character, and she and Topher’s interaction while tripping was gloriously Joss.  But it ended kind of quickly, and I’m not sure that I jive with that whole Echo was some kind of driven PETA-Warrior thing, it just felt a bit contrived.  Still, it IS getting better, so for now I’m pretty happy.

I was supposed to online a film today down at My Old School (cue Steely Dan noises), but I think the general iffiness if going to make me stay home, do some writing and watch some more TV.  I have a lot of research for the sketch comedy thing to do, and I need to start right away.

A friend and classmate of mine, Joe the Party, is moving soon, today we’ll have a last supper of sorts at the Hometown Buffet.  Why there I don’t know, I guess not everyone is adverse to the territorially grumpy elderly and NASCAR demographic.

I’m sure I’ll be in touch as the day progresses.