Blue Mundane

Spent the evening at “Blue Monday”, a local club night here in L.A., that, in theory specializes in 80’s music.  Now don’t get me wrong I like the 80’s and especially the music.  And having spent the ages 6 through 16 in the 80’s, I feel I’m about as qualified an expert as you can get when it comes to the decade.  But that wasn’t MY 80’s. I mean yeah it was, but everyone still looks like Bar Sinister denizens-lite, and the music was the same overplayed “Dance Hits of the 80’s” CD  that was so tired it was coma-like when I was in high school.  Where’s the good music?  Where’s some variety?  Where’s the skinny ties and varied denizens? Is there even a human DJ spinning anymore? How many times can you kick step to Soft Cell for christ’s sake….  Blah.


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