Gob Gets Hexed

Its not a trick Michael...

It's not a trick Michael...

I’m pretty fucking excited about the upcoming ‘Jonah Hex’ movie.  It’s a property I like, starring people I like, and I think it’s got great potential to rock. And after this morning it has even more.  Will Arnett has been added to the cast in a non-comedic role as a Union soldier who enlists Hex, played by Josh Brolin.

I’m glad Arnett is trying new stuff, don’t get me wrong, ever since Arrested Development I could watch him in anything and be entertained, but I always love when actors leave their comfort zone and try new things.  And especially such a great, wierd western tale like Hex, it’s just under the radar enough for the pressure on Arnett to be workable.

Also annouced as on board, Oscar nominee Michael Shannon as a crazy circus ringleader.

Thanks go to Coming Soon

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