Back to the Past

Had the chance to just lounge around this morning a bit and ended up catching ‘Back to the Future 2″. Now to be honest, I really hadn’t seen the movie in at least ten years. I remember being a fairly big fan of the series when it originally was released, in fact I remember seeing both of the first flicks in the theater several times as a kid.

In the future, everything will look like a backlot.

In the future, everything will look like a backlot.

Now I’m not going to be blasphemous and come out and say BTTF2 was bad, because it really wasn’t. In fact it was a lot of fun to watch, especially as an artifact that completely represents how all over the place big 80’s film was. But it does amaze me how much of the entire movie was just a big ILM circle jerk. I mean, 99% of the movie was shot against green screens in some way, and it shows. Driving scenes, town scenes, you name it.   On top of that, who’s bright idea was it to have characters in makeup playing themselves in different eras? I mean the idea isn’t bad, and it’s been done to success before and after, but nearly everyone in the movie looks BAD in their makeup. You spend millions upon millions to make sure Marty can somehow see himself while he’s playing guitar in the first movie (Hint: its just him added to footage of the old movie, a cheap trick used quite a bit at the end.)  but old Biff looks like he’s melting.

It’s a really amazing testament to the times,  and where the film industry was trying to get to.  Sure, most of those effects can be recreated by twelve year olds with a laptop and a little After Effects.  And yes, the script is groan worthy, with badly thought out logic and more product placement than a pro-sports sideline.  But in the end, it was a nice window back to a different era.

Oh, and how the fuck does old Biff even remotely know how to use the time machine?

I’ll shut up now.

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