Butch’ring Sundance or How My Youth Was Re-Imagined

Dark Horizons posted a rumor that Tom Cruise was now interviewing potential writers for a remake of ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”, in which he would play the ‘Sundance’ role originally played by Robert Redford and John Travolta of all people playing ‘Cassidy’.  I’m not one to talk shit about rumors or movies in production (ok who am I kidding), but geezus… Before I make any silly jokes about Butch and Cass riding for Bolivia so they can be taken away by aliens (oh wait I guess I just did), I’m going to talk a little about this remake business.

Hailing the mothership!

Hailing the mothership!

I realize that the trend for remakes is now in full swing, I read the same news articles you do, I realize studios are afraid of new properties, and that the biggest ticket buying demographic are suckers for the strip mining of our youth, but where does it end? And would it hurt if they actually made the remakes good?  How about just watchable.

To quote THR:  “Romancing the Stone”, “Footloose,” “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” “Dune,” “The Karate Kid,” “Red Dawn,” “RoboCop,” “The Big Chill,” “Arthur,” “Ghostbusters” and “The NeverEnding Story” are all being developed around town. I want you to read that list again.  I mean really let it sink in.  ‘Arthur’? ‘Footloose’? ‘Romancing the fucking Stone’?  And we’re all aware of ‘Land of the Holy Geezus what are you doing Lost’ by now.  Soon, I would put money on live action Smurfs, maybe a Captain Planet flick?  How about revamping stuff thats sacred, like say Star Wars, oh wait.  Or Trek, err (although my unabashed enthusiasm for the new Trek will not be appologized for).  It’s a reached a point where films that came out just a couple years ago such as “Fantastic Four” are already being talked about being rebooted.

I smell a Miley Cyrus role

I smell a Miley Cyrus role

And really, is it ever as good as the original?  The people writing this stuff can’t have possibly been of the same generation as me, the total disregard for what actually made these properties good (or at least watchable and entrancing) is completely lost, or at least it appears that way when I watch it on the screen.

Ugh. I coud go on all day.  I’ll stop here.

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