It’s Thursday Again, Just Like Last Week

Yes I know I went missing for a day, but see! I didn’t end up dead in a ditch like you had thought. I even have all my extremities intact. No, but seriously, I just didn’t have much to talk about here yesterday, and I am a man of few words when nothings on the mind.

‘Lost’ was on last night. Rocking episode. I want to be Benjamin Linus. Or maybe John Locke. There, we talked about ‘Lost’ and we can move on, that wasn’t so bad was it?

Deadliest Warrior aired on Spike Tuesday night and by all accounts did pretty good. It was a very proud moment for me, being the first show I ever worked on. It was fun to see it on TV. Now I just wish the rest of the episodes weren’t whipping me like a bad monkey. In fact, that’s mostly why I haven’t been posting the last few days. Well that and spending the days catching up with my mirror image apparently.

Today there was a lot of cries of anger as fears that FOX was once again screwing Joss Whedon by not airing the 13th and final final (its after the season finale) episode of ‘Dollhouse’.  And people took this to mean FOX may in fact be cancelling the show, a sound fear considering how it’s handle shows like Firefly and lets not forget ‘Arrested Development’.  But that may not be the case, from THR:

Producer Tim Minear posting on Whedonesque, says the episode will definitely be on the DVD and confirms Fox’s “we’re gonna count the scrapped pilot” stance: “Okay. So maybe I can help clarify this somewhat. Because we scrapped the original pilot — and in fact cannibalized some of its parts for other eps — we really ended up with 12 episodes. But the studio makes DVD and other deals based on the original 13 number. So we created a standalone kind of coda episode. Which is the mythical new episode 13. The network had already paid for 13 episodes, and this included the one they agreed to let us scrap for parts. It does not include the one we made to bring the number back up to 13 for the studio side and its obligations. We always knew it would be for the DVD for sure, but we also think Fox should air it because it’s awesome.”

Hmmm, we’ll see.


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