Fallout Hits the Strip

In some gaming news, from CHUD:

Bethesda’s Pete Hines just revealed a new Fallout game in the works during a press conference in London- Fallout New Vegas.

It will hit next year for the same consoles as the last (Xbox 360, PS3 and PC). Don’t think of it as a sequel to Fallout 3 or a spinoff in the vein of Fallout Tactics though, this is a completely new title with a new story and characters. It’s also being developed by Obsidian Entertainment, who are no strangers to working on other developer’s properties as they are the guys behind Knights of the Old Republic 2, among other big titles.

One of the best parts of  Fallout 2 was when you ended up in Reno.  There was the mob, the bright lights, and degenerates even in a post-appocalyptic world,  and of course, eventually returning like a storm of death, decending on the casinos with raining hell.  The idea of doing the same in the gorgeous first person Fallout world of today, but magnified by it actually being Vegas and not the Biggest Little City in the World, is very exciting.


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