Micro Budget Horror and You (or Me)

Poster for the Trek, Click to go the Plan 10 website

Poster for the Trek, Click to go the Plan 10 website

So, recently I watched a mini-doc on G4’s Underground about microbudget horror films.  The focus was on Lola Wallace and Tom Devlin, two filmakers who are the brains behind Plan 10 Pictures, a tiny production company that makes monster movies on budgets in the $1k to 5k range.  I don’t know about you, but those numbers are amazingly low by my normal calculations.  Hell, I remember struggling to shoot my thesis film in school on a budget of 5k and it was only fifteen minutes long.

It’s really mind blowing actually.  They build in house special effects and costuming themselves, they shoot crazy guerilla style, and they get it done, if memory serves (and it rarely does), they are on their third feature.  Third.  Makes me wanna kick my own ass.

Anyways, I remember my time in the guerilla trenches.  Placebo spent way too many nights splashing kero syrup, digging ditches in the middle of the night, and trekking up mountains just to shoot some stuff.  And I doubt I could ever go back, I love the bigger process too much, and I like traditional sets (albiet with smaller crews) too much.

But man am I jealous of that output.  Gonna have to get a copy of some of their work to check out and help support.

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