Watching the Wheels

Is it really Wednsday?  Wow, well at least the week is going by quickly.  Just the usual day to day stuff going on so far, and work is being tame, so I’m writing and working and such.

Knight vs Pirate episode of DW aired last night, and somehow I managed to sit through it for the trillionth time.  Oh wait, I was high, that explains it.  Funny episode, ask me about it sometime.

So I’m going to get back to the grind.  Speaking of grind, tonight I’m supposed to go hang out with J.R. and Lex at Lex’s pad and watch some grind house movie her roomate was in.  If it’s worth talking about, I’ll tell ya tomorrow!

Today’s songs are The Cramps – “Surfin’ Dead”, Modest Mouse – “Trailer Trash”, Lard – “Mate, Spawn, or Die”, Public Enemy -“Can’t Trust It”, and my Pixies -“Gigantic”, I like doing this, it will be a new thing.  So it is written.  I need to find a place where I can link to streaming version of songs, I think that would be fun.  But not blip, because that doesn’t count.

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