Del Toro Tipped to Play Ellis in adaptation of ‘Lunar Park’

First the news, then the commentary, this is Bret Easton Ellis news after all, and I always have much to say about him. From Dark Horizons:

Benecio del Toro is tipped to play “American Psycho” and “Rules of Attraction” author Bret Easton Ellis in an adaptation of his novel “Lunar Park”.

Del Toro as a writer, writing about himself.  Sort of.  Confused?  Read the book!

Del Toro as a writer, writing about himself. Sort of. Confused? Read the book!

“Lunar Park is in some state of pre-production. This is a very funny town. Oddly enough, Benicio Del Toro I think is going to do it” said Easton Ellis to MTV News.

Park’ is a semi-autobiographical tale that details the early fame Ellis received when his literary career took off in the Eighties, then blurs it with such fictional details as terrorist attacks, ghost hauntings, and a marriage to an actress.

I’m personally loving this news, ‘Lunar Park’ wasn’t my favorite Ellis book, but it was pretty good, and certainly the first half if the book’s ability to blend reality with some crazy horror, and blur the lines so well was a blast to read.  Yeah, the book drug a little towards the end, but that happens a lot with Ellis and I am very forgiving.  As with all of my favorite writers, the ending isn’t nearly as important as the ride.

Quick detour for a bit of background, considering this blog is new and all.  Bret Easton Ellis is the writer behind the novels “American Psycho”, “The Rules of Attraction”, and  “Glamorama” (crossing fingers you do this one right too, Roger Avery!), to name a few of his books.  He’s easily one of my favorite writers.  Ellis has a way of making the most despicable human beings interesting.  Everything I’ve read was razor sharp, dark, and a brilliantly satirical look at decadence, sex, drugs, materialism, fashion, you name it.

Brett Easton Ellis, looking pretty much like you woudl expect him to look.

Brett Easton Ellis, looking pretty much like you would expect him to look.

In many conversations I’ve had about Ellis, he often gets compared to Irving Welsh, author of “Trainspotting”.  I find that’s a fair comparison, at least in terms of  “Spotting” (maybe not so much the rest of what I’ve read from Welsh), but the difference for me at least, and don’t get me wrong, I love Welsh too, but the difference is Welsh’s characters are also dirty, nasty, despicable human beings, but they tend to be gutter level.  Junkies, thugs, hooligans, crooked street cops, and the like.  And I’ve known folks like that before.   Ellis’ books are filled with the privaleged, models, Wall Street pros, hell even himself, and he takes them places you would never expect.  There’s usually lots of style, pop culture references, sex, and ultra-violence.  It’s stylized, ugly and beautiful and crazy all at once.  And no one gets the excess of the 80’s like Bret Easton Ellis.  Ok, enough fan drooling.

This is the second BEE info I’ve heard in two days, very strange.  Yesterday I was driving home from work and they had a commercial on the radio for the film, “The Informers”, saying that it was actually going to see a small theatrical run.  I’m torn on whether I will see it or not. I’ve heard it’s terrible, and it’s one of the few BEE books I havent read, so I have no real attachment, other than loyalty to the writer, and considering I’ve heard the script deviated quite a bit from Ellis’ collection of short stories, I may just pass.
Ok, I’m done with this long meandering bit of info.

Today’s songs are The Walkmen – “The Rat”,  The Afghan Whigs – “Gentlemen”, in honor of this article.  And, to promote a better general mood; The Doors – “Alabama Song” and Stevie Wonder – “Sir Duke”


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  1. Gostoso Benicio belissimo,bjs

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