Director and Actor Sign For… Wait… Game of Thrones to go HBO?

So it’s no terrible secret that I was raised a huge fantasy nerd, my dog is named after a dwarven king after all.  But  I keep it well hidden, and for the most part, I had given up on reading the genre sometime in my mid-twenties, mostly due to a severe lack of anything that I saw as good or new, and, not to speak badly of the dead, but Robert Jordan’s eternal dragging of  feet with the “Wheel of Time” series, resulting in his death and a whole ton of fans who won’t ever find out what happens, really put the nail in the coffin of fantasy for me.  And I’ve mostly stayed off the genre since then.

What? I dont look devious enough to you?

What? I don't look devious enough to you?

But there is one very large exception.  George R. R. Martin’s “Song of Fire and Ice” series came highly recommended by some people who’s opinion I trust,  so I grabbed up the first one, “A Game of Thrones”  a couple years back.  And it blew me away.  It’s easily my favorite fantasy series ever; dark, complex, with characterization that makes grown writers cry.   So today, out of nowhere I read that not only is “Thrones” being made into a pilot for HBO (and it has to be HBO, this is not LOTR-esque family-friendly stuff), they have a director and one of the major characters cast.  From THR:

Tom McCarthy has come aboard to direct HBO’s fantasy pilot “Game of Thrones,” on which the star of his first feature, “The Station Agent’s” Peter Dinklage, has been tapped for a key role.

Based on George R.R. Martin’s best-selling “Songs of Fire and Ice” novels, “Thrones” is described as an epic struggle for power set in a vast and violent fantasy kingdom. Dinklage will play Tyrion, the Queen’s brother who is treated as an outsier because of his size.

This made my afternoon.  I love the character of Tyrion, he may in fact be my favorite, and finding the right little person to play him would have seemed like a monumental task.  But, I think Dinklage is a good choice.

I’m very excited.


2 Responses to “Director and Actor Sign For… Wait… Game of Thrones to go HBO?”

  1. Agreed the selection of Dinklage is a reason to celebrate (and hopefully there will be more casting announcements soon), but the directing news is possibly even more exciting and shows that HBO are taking the project very seriously. They also recently confirmed that the series will be filmed in Belfast in a huge, modern studio complex, with the BBC co-funding. Exciting news all round.

    One correction: the WHEEL OF TIME books are being finished by another author, the notably young and healthy Brandon Sanderson. Apparently the plan was to finish it with one more book but upon inspecting the reams of notes and dictation tapes left behind his reaction was along the lines of “Are you freaking kidding me?” and now it’s going to be another three thick books, the first of which drops in November. So yeah, the fans will get ‘an’ ending.

    • joeylabartunek Says:

      I’m glad that the WoT is going to be finished after all, it was such a staple of my reading diet for so long. Is the new author any good?

      I hope they get on “Game” soon, this Dinklage/Tyrion bit is all I’ve heard recently, we’re hopefully due for more updates.

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