Movin’ On Up. Or At Least On.

No work and all play makes Joey a very crazy boy.

No work and all play makes Joey a very crazy boy.

Finishing the final touches on the last DW episode’s graphics which of course means we’re basically done.  So, it wasn’t much of a surprise to get my walking papers yesterday afternoon.

I’m kind of relieved, kind of terrified, seeing as how I’ll have to find something else fairly quickly, and this place was slightly wearing on me.   But I learned alot, met some great people and now it’s just time.  That’s how this industry works, or at least how everyone I know tells it.  Which does little to ease my anxiety about being  jobless.   On the plus side, It’ll give me at least a little time to relax and think about the screenplay some more, and maybe put a decent amount of work into it.

Fuck it, if nothing else I can go back to lounging poolside with a book again, and with this weather it’ll be, well, paradise.  Or at least a slice of it.

Tonight, a bit of writing, gonna grab that Thompson book I’ve been wanting, and then time to hit the Cahuenga bar strip for some wandering with the Paper Beats Rock crew and special guest stars. Cheers.

Almost forgot the songs for today are:

Supergrass – “Moving”
Ben Folds – “Fired”
Rob Zombie – “Pussy Liquor”

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