My Bloody Recut

Cool little interview with director George Mihalka over at Bloody Disgusting about the upcoming DVD release of his original “My Bloody Valentine” to co-incide with the DVD release of the 3-D remake (which wasn’t half bad).  George says they’ve recut the original, to add back in the gory stuff they were forced to remove.  Considering the kind of PG-ing of the death scenes that I felt was going on in the orginal and was always a complaint of mine, this is great news.   Here’s a quick excerpt:

GM: When we were making this film, we had a mandate from the producers and the distributors to do a movie that was as state-of-the-art as possible. So we spent all that time and energy with Tim Diaz and Tom Burman coming up with all this incredibly clever one-shot special effects, all mechanical. In those days, it was incredibly time consuming. You had to understand physics and chemistry and mechanical engineering. We were all very proud of what we were able to do.

I remember driving up to the editing room to look at the final cut the day the news came on about John Lennon. I just went back home that day. I could understand the collective cultural despair of the time. Unfortunately, as is always the case, there was backlash and this one was against senseless violence. We were the first up in front of the MPAA. The response was, “Forget it. This is an X.” Especially in those days, that would have meant going from a 1,200 theater release to about 60 porno theaters.

Full interview here and well worth it for fans.

What he didnt realize, was that it was actually Mothers Day

What he didn't realize, was that it was actually Mother's Day


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