Saturday Night Special

Friday was a rough night.  Much boozing, beer pong, and yacking with the Paper Beats Rock crew, plus our fellow classmates Ian, Walker, and my brother.  There’s nothing like an apartment full of people just getting good and drunk and then letting the conversation wander all over creation, the smell of smoke and whiskey the insense that fills the air.  Good times, but I woke up early saturday morning feeling like death had crawled in next to me.  So, no, I didn’t get any of the errands I had intended to do done, but I did manage to spend the afternoon reading scripts, making notes, talking to my Wonder Twin, and watching a fuckton of skits on the internet, looking for some inspiration to break the old writers block.  So it was productive, I just never made it out of the house until meeting time.

We had another good meeting, added another new writer to the mix, so we’re expanding and everyone seems to be working out well.  Ideas flowed, jokes were written, and then we were done.

Afterwards, those of us leftover sat down and watched a French (Canadian maybe?) horror flick called “Martyrs“.  Intense, well shot, and with great sound.  There were a couple places that even shocked me.  The film is about a girl named Lucie, who was captured and tortured, but somehow manages to escape.  She finds herself at an orphanage where another girl, Anna befriends her, but just as Lucie starts to make progress towards recovery, her past comes leaping up on the bed frame with a vengeance.  From there we flash forward to the present, where a grown Lucie (Mylène Jampanoï) and Anna (Morjana Alaoui) look to take revenge on those who were responsible for her torture, and mental scarring.  The first half certainly had me going, crazily brutal, but with enough scares  to keep everyone on the edge of their seat.  And I really can’t even remotely get into some of the effects that were reminicent of  ‘Pet Semetary’s Zelda, which has always been one of the things guaranteed to make *my* skin crawl.  Of course, about halfway through the film it shifts gears into wierd terrritory and becomes something else entirely.  I’m not saying bad, but it was a departure from the first half and certainly left me a little sad that the promise set up was not answered the same way.

It took every once of self control not to run away in fear from just this thumbnail alone.

How bout a little mouth to mouth?

“Martyrs” borders on torture porn at times, but I thought the overall treatment of the violence, while brutal, didn’t dip too far into glorification territory, ie. Hostel.  And really that probably saved it from being shrugged off as just another leftover from a horror sub-genre already on it’s way out.  While it was a pretty good film, I was a little unsatisfied with some of the major reasoning and plot choices they went with.   But if you’ve got a strong stomach and are in the mood for a little self-inflicted squeamishness, then grab a copy and pop it in. Just make sure you have something solid to grip once things start getting hairy.

What’s with the French making fairly decent horror lately?

Tomorrow’s going to be an easy day, all writing, all day and then a jaunt over to visit the father in the evening and probably get a viewing of ‘Wolverine” in.  My enthusiasm is overflowing for mutant madness, can’t you tell?

Songs for the day/night was:

Creedence Clearwater Revival – “Midnight Special”
Bauhaus – “Rosegarden Funeral of Sores”
Eels – “Teenage Witch”

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