In the Void

So today marks day two of being unemployed.  It’s been fairly nice and relaxing and I’ve gotten a bit done, but that was mostly just life shit.   And life shit doesn’t really count.  So today I”m gonna dig in and spend a good deal of time writing.

Im a baaaad man, and a decent inspiration to fucked up writers everywhere.

I'm a baaaad man, and a decent inspiration to fucked up writers everywhere.

Last night, PBR started having our weekly meetings as well as the now regular weekend ones.  Lots of ideas and good scripts, it’s really starting to feel like people are loosening up and getting comfortable with each other enough for the development sessions to really spark up.  And thankfully my block is lessening on the sketch comedy department and I’ve started contributing a bit more other than just dev notes.

Had a bit of inspiration from watching the old blaxsploitation flick “Superfly” the other night, there’s something about watching a coke sniffing, super dealer in a bad-ass outfit beat people’s ass that jars the creative juices apparently.  If you haven’t seen this, go find a copy, it’s highly entertaining and that Curtis Mayfield soundtrack is so good your cool rating will instantly soar just from having heard it.

On a completely different and brief tangent, last night was the season finale of “Lost”.  Mind’s were blown, people were killed, blah blah blah.  Ok, I can’t lie, I was cheering and jeering with so much intensity during the whole 2 hours it’s amazing I didn’t wake up my neighbors.  Is Jacob and the other nameless man  dieties?  Aliens?  I don’t really care so long as the reason is sound.  Everyone seems to be afraid they will try to reboot at the beginning of next season due to the umm ending (trying not to spoil anything for people), I doubt that’s going to happen for more than an episode or three.  But I can’t wait.

Now if only I didnt have to go back to work on that miserable Heroes

"Now if only I didn't have to go back to work on that miserable 'Heroes'"

Saw the new Trek the other night with my brother and father.  Goddamn.  Yes, there were plot holes big enough to drive the Enterprise through.  Yes, it was a little silly at times.  But man, that cast was excellent, with Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine really stepping up the plate and making the characters of Spock and Kirk their own.  Oh yeah, the special effects were ok too.  Ok, I lie, they were phenominal.   Great way to kick off the Summer movie season, and considering my caution about a good portion of the rest of the summer fare, I’m couldn’t have been happier that this was good. I think I’m going to go see it again in fact.

Alright, enough babbling, I’m gonna go scour the internet for interesting shiny stuff.  You’ll hear from me later, I’m sure.

It’s too early in the day for the music list, it’ll come later as it comes to me.


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