The Quick And Easy Update

Not much creativity flowing through the veins the last few days, but I’m looking to remedy that.

I’ve been drawing quite a bit over the last weekend.  It’s like a chihahua gnawing on my leg lately.  I feel like I really need to take a step back and eat some crow on it, and just get over myself and maybe try a hand at using this dumb talent to my advantage.  Gaining focus while drawing is a beast that only enforced isolation can tame, but if I could just manage to put together a portfolio…

Since we ended our insane marathon attempt at doing a100+ page graphic novel, it’s been hard to really give a shit about anything artistically enough to sit and do it.   And on top of that, because it’s so personal, it gets stuck in the mental mire whenever I try to work on a page.  Believe me, convincing myself to sit and just crank stuff out is much harder than the actual work itself.  You riddle that one out, Batman.

I dunno, I’m going to relax and think on this a bit longer.  Sometimes putting together a page is like a little piece of the personal sublime, everything just starts flowing.  There’s no thought process, just the frantic scratching of the pencil and the gentle flow of the brush, it becomes very instinctually zen.  There has to be a way to tap that for things that aren’t so personal.

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