Maybe It’s Not Elementary Watson

Within the last few days the first trailer for the Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law starring – re-imagining of Sherlock Holmes dropped.  I’m going to just lay some shit on the line here.

I was fairly excited to see this, I mean, Downey is on fire, and ever since ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’ I’ve been singing the praises of the man now on top of his game.  But this trailer depresses the hell out of me.  I was hoping for a real adaptation of the Holmes character, a chance to re-introduce the classic slueth to a new generation and really stretch a bit with modern technology and standards in filmaking.

But instead, we appear to get ‘Wild Wild West 2 – The return of Big Dumb Shit’.   It reeks of buddy-action fluff films and it makes me more than a little sad.  Did they have to call it Sherlock Holmes?  I see gadgets, explosions, and even an Indy rip-off, but nothing that actually stands up and says “Sherlock Holmes”.

Fuck it dude, maybe I’m just old.


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