L.A. Cops Play Dirty With Critical News Writers

From Boing Boing comes news of shady levels of censorship being angled at writers who have been critical of some of the L.A. Police department.  Don’t we have freedom of the press and all that?  It’s frightening what a sum of money and a kick for silencing or discreditting your critics will do.  Just ask Rupert Murdoch.

Here’s the article:    “The San Diego Union Tribune was recently purchased by Platinum Equity, which in turn has a $30-million investment from the pension fund of Los Angeles cops and firefighters, along with other public employee pension funds. Now the President of the Los Angeles Police Protective League, the union which represents L.A. cops, wants the editorial board of the paper to be fired because they don’t like what has been written about them.”

“Since the very public employees they continually criticize are now their owners, we strongly believe that those who currently run the editorial pages should be replaced,” Weber wrote in a March 26 letter to Platinum CEO Tom Gores.

Weber, in an interview, emphasized that the League is not demanding changes in the paper’s news coverage of the issue or in its staff of reporters. “It’s just these people on the opinion side. There is not even an attempt to be even-handed. They’re one step away from saying, ‘these public employees are parasites,’ ” Weber said.

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