California Proves To Be Less Opened Minded Than Maine?

In a depressing stamp on what has become an ugly battle here in my home state over the subject of gay marriage, today the California Supreme Court just proves how out of whack my state has become.  From Reuters:

California’s supreme court backed a ban on gay marriage on Tuesday, ruling that a voter-approved proposition defining marriage as between a man and a woman could stand in the trend-setting state.

The court, which last year opened the way for same-sex unions, said the roughly 18,000 marriages that took place before the November ban could stand.

The ban spurred nationwide protests, and the court’s decision is unlikely to be the last move in what is seen as a battleground state in U.S. culture wars.

It’s strange, because living in L.A. (and Frisco, from my second hand sources!), you get the mistaken impression that everyone in this lovely state thinks like we do.  We have protests, and parades, and people are generally very open-minded.  But I remember around election time, I had to drive back to the Inland Empire to do my actual voting and in my hometown of Redlands, there were seas of pro-8 signs just to nail down the point that the rest of the state is becoming… something else, I don’t know.


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