Richard Christy Returns To The Metal

From Rolling St0ne:

Rod Stiffington and Jack Mayhoffer AKA Richard and Sal in a uncharacteristically unawkward non-sexual photo

Jack Mayhoffer and Rod Stiffington AKA Sal and Richard in a uncharacteristically unawkward non-sexual photo

Howard Stern fans know him as Rod Stiffington, a practitioner of practical jokes willing to endure Brazilian waxes and nationally televised same-sex make-out sessions, all for the benefit of the show. But heavy metal fans have been following Richard Christy’s work for years, since he punished his drumkit for the likes of Death, Incantation, and Iced Earth, long before he joined Stern’s menagerie of merry misfits. And this summer, Christy plans to return to his first love.

Earlier this week, Metal Blade Records inked a deal with Christy’s latest project, Charred Walls of the Damned. Christy has been writing material for the band’s debut album for months, and will hit the studio with his former roommate and metal producer du jour Jason Suecof (God Forbid, Black Dahlia Murder, Trivium) to record the set, which is slated for release this fall.

I remember the first time I heard Richard jump behind the drums and wail something out, I was astounded.  Here’s a guy who for years and years I listened to while he and his cohort Sal Governale (one of the most despicable humans around.  But I still love you, Sal) paint each others testicals with chocolate, make-out with each other, prank call helpless old women and more despicably hilarious behavior.  AND the man can seriously play drums.

Howard Stern’s genius is in his ability to make you feel like his merry band of savages are your own friends and family, and as such I’m fond of Richard like you are probably fond of that strange cousin from out-of-state who shows up at random family gatherings and drunkenly tries to make out with the dog, and as such, I wish him the best.


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