‘Green Lantern’ Trailer– Sort Of

Here’s a fan-made Green Lantern trailer starring Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan, and a whole slew of borrowed scenes from other movies.  All in all I thought they did a pretty good job, and besides, it has Kilawog in it and that gets points in my book.  Thanks to Forbidden Panel for this one:


3 Responses to “‘Green Lantern’ Trailer– Sort Of”

  1. strangeink Says:

    I usually don’t care much for shit like this, but this isn’t too bad. Makes me more jazzed to see a GL movie, actually. And word is the script ain’t bad at all.

  2. joeylabartunek Says:

    You know me and my dislike of fan films, but I did think this one was sort of charming in it’s way. Who’s the GL in the script?

  3. strangeink Says:

    Hal Jordan, baby.

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