Thursday Morning Babble

Yesterday I had to take the top off of my vehicle, the weather was too perfect to resist the call.  Those who haven’t experienced Spring in my little sector of the valley in the months just before Summer’s heat and hell drops, are missing out on what could possibly be the nicest weather on earth.  So with the wind in the hair and the music loud, I drove around for awhile, it’s my own little slice of Entourage (and just mentioning THAT name gets me all crazy with joy because there is less than 2 months left until the new season!) , minus all the really good perks.

Down at the NBC studio there was a giant banner of Jay Leno thanking people for his 17 years (what the hell!) on the Tonight Show. I had nearly forgotten that he was leaving and Conan was incoming next week.  That’s what I get for not watching a sufficient amount of late night programming.   I’m glad though, Stern has instilled in me a heavy dislike for Leno, and I never really got his humor anyways, it always seemed so… whitebread.  I dunno.

What my hypothetical Raimi shirt might look like, if made by an eight year old

What my hypothetical Raimi shirt might look like, if made by an eight year old

Of course the high point of the day was getting new art supplies.  Sad, right? It’s the little things though, and there’s nothing finer on the small scale then getting new pens, brushes, and even the smells-like-a-family-of-dead-iguanas-in-my-closet india ink bottles are their own little piece of Christmas.  So that was nice.

Not much else blipping on the radar, such is the unemployed life I suppose.

Tomorrow ‘Drag Me to Hell’ premiers, I will be there with bells on, and my t-shirt with the giant Sam Raimi face on it that says “Sam Raimi Made Me This Way”.  Ok, not really, but only because I don’t actually have that shirt yet.  The excitement for seeing this film is peaking like an Asian raver in a glowstick factory, I only hope the trip isn’t a bum one.


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