The Revenge of Major Ramen

So I spent the day working on some side web stuff, which made me feel a bit productive, and then followed it up with  a couple hours hammering out the revisions to some of my PBR scripts which was nice to get back to.   Combined with the hours storyboarding I did yesterday, things are  starting to feel like I’m moving a bit again.

Tonight, obviously is “Drag Me To He”, I’ll be there and I’m sure I’ll be talking about it in the morning.

On a side not, I am now convinced that Top Ramen was designed as revenge on us by the Japanese for the end of WWII.  There’s no other reason why it’s so unnaturally foul.

Ok that’s it then.

Songs of the morning/day, because I’ve been slacking:

Spiritualized – ‘Sway’
Elbow – ‘Grounds For Divorce’

The Band – ‘The Shape I’m In’
The Editors – ‘All Sparks’ (Sadly a live version, but whatever)


One Response to “The Revenge of Major Ramen”

  1. strangeink Says:

    Never, ever, ever use the seasoning packet they provide. Drain almost all the water and use some hot sauce and a little soy sauce – butter in a pinch. Trust me, makes it much more palatable.

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