SAG Approves Contracts, The Peasants Rejoice

The sigh of relief echoing out amongst the collective entertainment industry workers was thunderous this afternoon.  Drinks were raised, bowls were smoked, and people once again started hoping that there will be jobs again.   SAG finally approved contracts for feature-primetime.

Quick background, a threatened strike and insane internal drama akin to the worst high school election has been plaguing the Screen Actors Guild and looming over everyone’s head since last year.  It put the fear of actors (that’s a much worse thing than god) in the hearts of everyone and generally choked out production like a ‘roid raged quarterback on a bad date.

But today, we celebrate.  Thanks Variety:

In a clear move toward moderation, Screen Actors Guild members have overwhelming ratified a two-year feature-primetime contract with a 78% yes vote.

The vote, announced Tuesday evening, brought down the curtain on a year-long drama that’s left the guild mired in acrimony and the town dogged by uncertainty.

“This decisive vote gets our members back to work with immediate pay raises and puts SAG in a strong position for the future,” said David White, interim national exec director.

Much more in the link above for those interested.

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