Rolling and Speeding – Stage 02

pre·pro·duc·tion (prē′prə dukshən)


The process of preparing and planning before actual production begins; specif., the choosing of locations, casting of actors, revision of the script, etc. before the actual shooting of a film.

Tonight was the first pre-production meeting for PBR, things have been a little rocky lately, but like magic we gathered and everything was good again.  Writing is one thing.  It’s a personal thing, you wrestle with yourself, you hack some stuff out, you revise it, get some notes from others. Rinse, wash, repeat. Until you have something you don’t completely hate to put your name on.

But when you move past that, and in to the muck of what the hell it’s actually going to take to shoot what has been written, well that my reader, is an entirely different beast.  One best hunted with a giant rifle and plenty of medication.  I have neither currently.  Which is a good thing I love it.

I can smell the blood in the air now.  It’s sweet and coppery and smells vaguely like tears.  Its invigorating is what it is.  For those of us wired for this kind of work, and really, unless you have no desire for normallity, sanity, and any number of things ending in -ity, it’s not recomended. But for those lunatics wired for such a thing, a light switch goes suddenly to ‘on’ and you feel correct again, and it just gets more and more right until you get to set one morning, grab a coffee, smoke a cigarette and listen to the sounds of G&E setting up the lights, walkie talkie squelches, and the inevitable first tragedy.  Short of someone dying, I cannot express to you how much I look forward to the first tragedy of the morning.

We shoot the first segment, one of Goldie’s scripts, in 2 weeks if all goes as planned and theoretically we have about 6 weekends of shooting to complete what will be our first episode.  In the meantime, the search for a decent special effects artist who can step it up and really deliver is underway.  Luckily we probably won’t have to have any auditions for this first bit, which is a huge bonus.  I love casting like I love deep gushing head wounds.

I have my own directing bits, just a couple small segments really, to begin preparing for.  I like the idea of ramping it up with some silly small sketches and then moving onto more complex ideas after I’ve warmed up.

Damn it’s been too long already, and I feel like I want to wrestle a buffalo on acid at this very moment.

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