It’s nearly Sunday evening now, the day lazily lost to work and other nonsense.  It’s been a weekend filled with aggressive sporting events, more cheap beer, and seared meat.  There was the Cup on Friday, and then the troops gathered to watch guys kick the shit out of each other UFC style.  I’ll admit I was a little displeased to see Rich Franklin beat The Axe Murderer, but the fight was nice and bloody, so I guess I should just shut my trap and drink my leftover beer and like it.

I just really wish Wanderlei would bring it on like the animal he really is and just demolish some poor fool brave enough to think they can hang with a berzerker.  It was also good to see Cro Cop back in the ring, even if his victory was tainted with eye gouging, it’s really irrelevant, he was beating the shit out of poor Al Turk before the eye thing.  I can’t help but imagine the beatings would have continued.  I was really just hoping for a head kick.

Tonight there’s a hopefully short writing meeting, I need to get back to my business and clear up some time for the screenplay this week.

As I sit here at my desk, I can hear the sounds of decade old Snoop Dogg coming up from the pool below, I think i’ll just take a few more sips and relax a bit before the meeting, it is sunday after all.


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