The Quick and the Dead

How fucking cool was it to have The Verve’s ‘Lucky Man’ play at the end of the season premiere of Entourage last night?  One of my favorites at a great moment in the show and a nice personal moment with Vinnie, who considering his role on the show, doesn’t get them nearly enough.

I’d heard naysayers crying about the first episode, that not enough went down and it was the same old shit.  That the return of Vinnie to his superstar status and the revenge of Sloane trouble for E (and that’s the kind of trouble you want to have anyways), mark a return to elements of storylines from seasons past, but those are the exact elements this show was built on!  And if you are that tired of the boys, you shouldn’t be watching anyways at this point.  I thought the episode set up the tone and gave a nice preview of what’s to come this season, and generally was fucking outstanding.

So smoke that  shit Turtle.


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