What’s Goin’ On

Works been picking up, which is nice.  Grabbed a job storyboarding a few music videos which is usually quick fun, some web stuff for a clothing company next week, and the ever continuing saga of props for the feature a friend is working on dominate my time and energy.  But it’s nice, if I can somehow survive this week’s financial crisis, next month won’t be nearly as crunchy.  I certainly hope so at least, september is moving month.  I’d like to have my portion of things squared away soon so when the guys and I go house hunting over the next few weeks I’m not desperately scrambling for my share of the crumbs.

PBR (since we don’t have a new name yet) continues to creep towards the beginning of our shooting dates later this month.  There’s a lot of stuff to do, but it looks like we’ll have the money to shoot our first episode at least.  Rehearsals have been going well, and generally the pre-production train has been barreling along without too many problems.  Of course it’s still early, and this is film, so I’m still cautiously scanning for what will inevitably pop up.

Cross your finger, knock on wood.  Or whatever’s handy.

Quicky for those who hadn’t heard, HBO announced that Caveman favorite ‘Entourage’ and ‘True Blood’, a show I like alot, although apparently not as much as some, were both picked up for new seasons.

Entourage is still one of the few shows I actually sit down and watch when it airs every week.  Of course, everyone that lives here loves that show, I think it’s in all of our leases and contracts, “Oh you work and live in Hollywood?  You must love ‘Entourage’.”  But so what?  Knowing I have at least one more season of E, Ari, and the guys makes my insides warm and fuzzy.

Today should bring me one giant step towards finally being done cutting the yoga videos, I’d like to be done with that for awhile, just so I can focus on these incoming jobs and the show.


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