RIP John Hughes

John Hughes, The Fucking Man Himself.

John Hughes, The Fucking Man Himself. I bet he never had to worry about losing his teaching job.

Yesterday, we lost one of the greats.  Writer/Director/Legend John Hughes died of a heart attack at the age of 59, way too early in this day and age.  Hughes was responsible for helping define an entire decade, hell, he may have been one of the top 3 biggest influences on the 80’s.  When I was a kid, I would rabidly ditch school and watch Ferris Bueller over and over again.  There was once a time I knew every fucking word.  Hell, I still might.

I don’t normally get too worked up over celebrity deaths, but Hughes is different, he was one of my kind of people, and one who’s influence is deeply ingrained into who I am (and nearly everyone I’ve known through life).  As a writer and director of incredible talent he provided us with a vehicle through which we could laugh, empathize and cheer for an endless list of underdogs-turned-heroes.  And introduce us to a slew of great music.

So go dig out your “Sixteen Candles”, “Home Alone”‘s, maybe a “Natl. Lampoon’s Vacation” flick, you owe the man.   I need to go find a copy of Ferris and “Wierd Science”, so I can watch my favorites and spill a little 40 for a man who’s influence on me can not be understated.

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