Post-Weekend Catch-up

Dragging myself out of the stupor  created by a weekend of watching some bloody UFC fights was no easy task.  That much beer and whiskey tossed down the gullet in a small time span has a tendency to make the head just a little hazy.

So you would expect a sub-human level of brain function banging around in my caveman brain.  But while the past few days have been filled with mostly work,  my brain is on fucking fire with ideas lately.  In fact I have more new ideas than time to even work on the damn things.  I’m constantly writing myself notes in my tiny notepad so my deficient brain doesn’t forget any of it, but I must look the part of a madman, reaching for the notepad in the most random of situations long enough to scrawl a sentence in barely legible script, and without missing a beat going back to doing what I was just interrupted from.

Of course none of it is the Caravan script, which is what I wish I was generating this stream of ideas for, but beggar’s can’t be choosers I suppose.  So now I’m faced with the personal difficulty of staying the course and continue to hammer away at a script that I am very excited for, but may not be completely ready to write or jump to one of the newer lesser ideas, bang it out and just see if it can be done.  You know, shits and giggles.

We’ll see.  I have about two more hard days left on the website I’ve been building, but once it’s done I’ll be back to facing some empty days.  Maybe I should just shut the fuck up and write one of the simpler ideas, if nothing else to exercise the muscles and just get something done and onto paper.


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