Brazilian Making His Own Nasty Reality TV

It’s no secret that we already fabricate reality in our TV shows here in America, spend any time working on a reality show and you learn very quickly that reality is truly what we want to make of it, but a Brazillian TV host has taken things one step further.  From BoingBoing:

Police in Brazil noticed that reporters for a TMZ-meets-COPS style TV show about murder in western Brazil kept managing to show up at murder scenes before they did. Authorities allege that’s because the show’s host Wallace Souza ordered at least five of the murders. Souza is a local lawmaker who loved to denounce crime during the program, but he is charged with dealing drugs and using the show to bump off his rivals. NPR Audio

So the question is, how soon until we see this kind of behavior in the States.  I’m hedging bets that a few more weeks of  mindless, made-up, bullshit reality TV like ‘Megan Wants A Millionaire’, and some poor Network sap is going to snap and we’ll start seeing mob style offings with a camera crew conveniently located a block away.

Or maybe Glenn Beck will just crack under all the weight of loosing his sponsors due to being a hate-mongering shithead and start coordinating deaths to boost his ratings and find new sponsors.  Wouldn’t that be something.

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