Get Up For The Downstroke

In the immortal words of George Clinton, let’s look at what we got.

House hunting is on the forefront of my brain lately, the crunch to find a new home has been dominating my time not spent working various web and art work.  But that aint all that’s been going on.

Had a chance to see District 9 a couple times, and I was impressed.  A smart, fun, and original sci-fi flick.  The movie was written and directed by South African Neill Blomkamp and produced by the man, Peter Jackson.   And while the main character, Wilkus  (Sharlto Copley) was a complete shithead, so much so that I spent half the movie cheering for some kind of disasterously wicked and messy death to be inflicted upon his head.  But once things get going, and Wilkus and the alien scientist Christopher start their mission (I’m trying to remain spoiler free here, kids), things really kicked in.  It’s not like this movie was genre redefining, or that the special effects were things we have never seen before, but in an age filled with derivative Sci-Fi movies, District 9’s simple and effective approach worked wonders.  See it.

Also had a chance to check out Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince the other night.  As someone who’s never read any of the books, but avidly watched all the movies,  I loved it.  In fact, ‘Prince” easily grabbed the  spot as my second favorite of the entire series (after the really great “Prisoner of Azkaban”).  Great writing on the characters, minimal amounts of teen whining, and a well built story move this flick along like a family cruise missile.  All of the usual principals turn in great performances and newcomer to the series Jim Broadbent is perfect as the charming and bumbling Horace Slughorn, teacher of potions and alchemy.  Oh and the special effects.  Fuck, there are a couple giant SFX sequences that just took my breath away (that underground lake scene was especially spectacular).  So definitely worth seeing if you’re a fan of the series (and probably haven’t read the books, as that seems to be a deciding factor in how much others like this one).

Oh and screw all you Potter readers who felt the need to spoil the ending for me years ago, when you read the book and couldn’t keep your traps shut about the surprise ending.

On the writing tip, writers block and some serious confidence issues halted my work on the previous screenplay, I just wasn’t feeling up to the task and things weren’t gelling properly. So I decided to take a break, but instead of just not writing (that’s not really an option at this point), I decided to take my roomate up on a challenge he threw my way and have started work on a slasher flick.  Designed to give me something to flex the writing muscles with and work out some of the cobwebs and structure issues I’ve been working through on the ‘Caravan’ script, this thing is moving along and taking on a life of it’s own.  About a week ago I started with just some vague ideas of where I was going to go with it, but after waking up one bright Saturday morning last week, I was pleasantly suprised to find that in my sleep my brain decided to fill in all the loose gaps that had been bothering me.  Hell, we were out house hunting and every moment not spent looking glassy-eyed at properties were spent feverishly scribbling in my notebook trying to get the data out of the core brain fast enough, before it gets lost in the information cloud that normally exists between my CPU and my hands and mouth.

So now my slasher script is moving along nicely, practically writing itself.  I’ve probably pieced a good 3/4 of the story together, started my cards, worked the paradigm, written my bios,  and have comfortably settled on what could be a very fun and easy (well relatively) piece to write.  Woof.

As the title of this post would lead you to believe, today’s song is most definitely:

Parliment – Get Up For The Downstroke


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