More Moving Adventures

So I’m couch surfing again.  It’s not one of those things I’m fond of, and certainly I didn’t expect to have to do it ever again after the multiple homeless episodes I spent in my early twenties (At least this time round I’m not using a tool box as a pillow while I crash on the floor).   But the house thing turned more complicated than it should have been and things kind of drug out and now we’re looking at moving in to the place in a few weeks.  So in the interim I’m hanging at my old roomates new pad, which although the internet access is spotty,  isn’t all bad.

I’ve been drawing some of the best work of my life lately, and the worst part is, I can’t even share it with you, dearest readers, as it’s for a project I’m not allowed to talk about yet (maybe ever, if I don’t actually GET on the project).  But from a personal perspective it’s fairly gratifying.  I was having a conversation with The Joker the other night, and I told him, and I really believe that somehow in the time I gave up drawing altogether I gained some skills that really put things over the top.  For the first time in my life I can look at my work and really confidently say that it’s of a highly professional level.  Which is nice.

So I have one or two more days of drawing, then it’s back to the screenplay, which, considering I’m not even close to being blocked on will be nice.  I expect at least 15 more pages before the end of next week. Oh and the sketch comedy show’s break time is just about over and production will begin again shortly.  I dunno, it’s weird but even with my shitty living situation, my profesional possibilities are ramping up enough to keep me pacified and very hopeful for the near future.

I can feel the future sliding into place little bit my little bit, and that’s something I haven’t felt in a long time.

So Beatles Rock Band is out, and I don’t have it, so if any of you readers want to take up a collection to buy a copy and send my way, I would be eternally grateful.

News is slow today, so maybe later I’ll fill you in on the details I’m leaving out. Maybe.


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