Roger Corman is Finally Getting An Oscar

The grandpappy of our genres.

The Grandpappy and Great Poobah of our genres.

Chud reports that genre pioneer, low budget wizard, career kick-starting badass of the film world, Roger Corman is getting a nod from the academy for lifetime achievement.  If ANYONE deserves a lifetime achievement award it’s Corman, not only did he produce literally hundreds of films, directed over 50 of them himself, but he also helped start the careers of people you may have heard of, names like Scorsese and Coppola.

Corman helped pioneer the Sci-Fi, exploitation, and horror genres, and is kind of the surrogate grandfather to all of us in the low budget world and has stood as an example to everyone who wants to make a place for themselves making those kinds of films, so I’m pretty jazzed that he’s finally getting some love.

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