And We’re Back. Again.

Back from yet another period of creative dryness, wherein I just couldnt give a shit to write anything here.  It happens, and seeing as how this is for me and not you (in the end), we’ll just keep moving as if nothing happened.

Got the house keys to the new house, started moving,  and some great TV post-prod opportunities in the pipeline, which really covers just about anything of interest in the personal/professional life.  I’ve spent the last four weeks rediscovering why I despise web design but more importantly, also rediscovering that I really despise clients.  I think the only thing I miss about not working for a company as opposed for myself is that I can’t shovel the unenviable task of dealing with clients on someone else, leaving me to just do the dirty work.

The other night, the PBR crew got back to work, shooting a sketch comedy short for a Funny or Die contest.  Of course, getting it in on time is a responsibility of mine, to get edited and finished by next week.  I’m not happy about that coming down at a time when I would rather be moving my stuff from my tiny storage cubicle over to our new palace out in Sherman Oaks, but sometimes you don’t get a choice.  And seeing as how I’ll probably be slowly shuttling boxes in my also tiny jeep back seat for the next couple weeks, I guess a little editing wouldn’t kill me.

Anyway, that’s the catch-up, now I just wanna find some news.


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