Digitizing in the Witching Hours

The streets of Burbank are nearly empty now.  Sure an occasional car will pass by outside, the engines breaking the quiet of my tiny Avid editing bay, but mostly it’s dead outside.  This late september heat, a reminder that the summer really is almost done continues to cook everything even this close to midnight, making even a trip down the street a sweaty, nasty adventure.  Hell I went to the 7-11 and was lucky enough to remember my camel and guide, a small Egyptian child named Ali.  No I didn’t know the kid, and I probably shouldn’t have trusted him with my pack beast, but I’m the trusting sort, so while I may be up a cup of coffee and a pack of smokes, I’m down my pack beast and my guide.  I suspect they made a deal with each other to find someplace that didn’t feel like the eighth ring of hell.

It certainly feels like the witching hour here at the office, the silence is deafening, the only sound anywhere nearby is the clickety-clack of my keyboard.  Which is a vast improvement on the last time I spent so much time here, when an average day was filled with just as much video work as there was clawing and gnashing of teeth and screaming about the lack of flame throwers.  So yes, I’ve returned to the place that gave me my start, except now I carry a better title.  No it doesn’t mean much, and it may not last long, but sometimes you just gotta side with the principal, and so I have.

So here I sit, waiting for 3AM to roll around so I can cart myself across town and finally sleep at the new pad.  My bed’s there, but the house too is eerily quiet, but it’s mine (well partially) and I’m really looking forward to it.  I’m pushing hard for a Halloween extravaganza, there’s no excuse with a brand new, large, house just sitting there waiting to be devirginized with a party worthy of such a place, and I can think of no better holiday than Halloween.

Alright, back to work.


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