Stuff Happening In and Around My Space of Existence

Goddamn, it’s been weeks and my writing drought continues. I’ve been banging away, very slowly on my screenplay, but I think the SEVERE lack of new input in my existence has just bled me dry of everything more than the desire to just sit and rot a bit.  My boredom, like gravity, rules everything at the moment.

In theory, I’m starting the massive undertaking of editing the ‘Eagle Shit’ video today, which will be fun. The large amount of green screen keying to do promises to haunt me for weeks to come, but it’s something I actually like, which will push it miles ahead of yoga and rose planting, which have been my only other recent editing endeavors.  I wish I could post some of the hilarious set photos I have, but alas, I was told by the boss man and woman that on pain of death I had to sit on my photos a bit longer.

In this photo the color seems a bit more blood-red to me, which, all things considered is ok in my book too.

In this photo the color seems a bit more blood-red to me, which, all things considered is ok in my book too.

So we painted the living room this weekend, a huge undertaking but a fun one nonetheless.  Most of the day felt like a bad 80’s montage that wasn’t doing it’s job of speeding things up, but everyone smiled a lot and threw paint on each other.  Ok, I’m lying about that part.   Now that the walls are situated the task of organzining and integrating everyone’s books and DVDs begins.  And on a side note, I take a bit of pride that my book shelf now contains about four times times the volume of books as compared to my tiny DVD collection.  I realize that all things considered it should the exact opposite, but apparently, that’s not how I roll.

Anyways, that’s it for now, most of this just feels like going through the motions and that’s not what this is about, so I’ll just cut it short there.

The rain has started coming down in force outside, I think I’m gonna go soak it up a bit.


2 Responses to “Stuff Happening In and Around My Space of Existence”

  1. Sometimes I wish we were moving into a house, where I could paint the walls and what-have-you. Money is so tight I’m afraid I’ll be renting this same apartment when I’m fifty.

  2. joeylabartunek Says:

    Shit Sean, it took the four of us banding together to be able to just rent this place, and even then it was a monumental task. I don’t think I ever wanna own a house ever again though, it’s far too much trouble unless you can just pay someone to do the dirty work for you.

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