McKean Adapts ‘Cages’

A graphic novel masterpiece.

Try reading this thing when yer 13...

Dave McKean’s last outing in film ‘MirrorMask’ didn’t live up to what I had hoped it would, but it was a hard project to begin with and I cut a lot of slack.  I’ll always have a soft spot for McKean, his covers for The Sandman were masterpieces and his twisted collaboration with Grant the Morrison on ‘Arkham Asylum’ did wonders to corrupt my young mind when I first read it (And every goddamn time since then too).  So I am a bit curious to see how he handles adapting his solo graphic novel ‘Cages’ to the screen.  From Coming Soon:

One project that McKean can proudly claim as completely his own is the ambitious serialized story “Cages,” which appeared as individual issues sporadically through the ’90s before being collected into a single volume by Kitchen Sink and NBM.

It was a very personal introspective piece of work involving creativity and cats and up until now, there was never any word of it being adapted into any other form until McKean made the following statement on his Twitter feed:

“Great first meeting about Cages film; a long term possibility, but good to know all interested parties are on the same page.”

Rage Cages

Rage Cages

Obviously, this project is very much in the early early stages, and one would think that bringing the challenging graphic novel to the screen would probably take many years to write, finance, etc. but fans of McKean’s artwork and collaborations with Gaiman over the years surely would be interested to see whether “Cages” is even possible as a film. While the graphic novel is seemingly out of print, one can often find it in hardcover and paperback forms through eBay, second-hand bookshops and the like.

I only vaguely remember ‘Cages’, but I remember it also being a difficult read and visually very, well McKean so we’ll have to wait and see.


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