Black to Pen ‘Doc Savage’ Pic

Oh this makes gets me all ten shades of excited, from Dark Horizons:

Acclaimed action film scribe Shane Black (“Lethal Weapon,” “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”) is set to pen the film adaptation of the Doc Savage comic book series.

Because Man of Cocoa Butter wasnt nearly as intimidating.

Because Man of Cocoa Butter wasn't nearly as intimidating.

Black tells AICN that the story will be an original one (rather than an adaptation) that will attempt to encapsulate the feeling of the whole collection of author Lester Dent’s work (encompassing nearly 200 stories).

The character, an adventurer with near-superhuman skills and intelligence, was originally published in 1930’s pulp magazines and Black says the story will be written for that time period and will include the Fabulous Five (five recurring companions who each appeared in different books).

Star Trek” and “Transformers” scribes Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are set to produce.

There’s so much good stuff in such a small article I’m not sure I even know where to begin.  Oh I know, Shane fucking Black?  Doc fucking Savage?  Produced by the Fringe guys?  Excuse me while I take a geeky moment to calm myself down.


It’s too bad I didn’t hear about this sooner, my friend Jennifer hung out with Black for a bit at the screen writing expo last week, I would have made her grill the bastard for info regarding this.  Oh well, C’est la vie.

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