Semi-Silent Note of Protest – “The Box”

Ugh,  you know, I (fairly) recently wrote and directed a short film called “The Package” about a mysterious box that changes the lives of those it comes into contact with for the worst.  And it didn’t have Cameron Diaz, which in my book is a huge plus.  But that doesn’t mean I have an opinion on the soon to be released “The Box”.  Fuck, I dunno,  It looks like the genre version of ‘Indecent Proposal’.

So to those out there, all of whom don’t read this anyway making this all just a pointless release of aggression – stop asking.

Thanks.  Heh.


One Response to “Semi-Silent Note of Protest – “The Box””

  1. It’s based on a fairly old Richard Matheson story, embellished and changed alot. Doubt it will end like either the original story or the “Twilight Zone” episode they made out of it – this looks more like a thriller.

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