Halloween – The Post Report

So Halloween has come and gone.  Two days of preparation, decorating, and cleaning lead up to a wonderful witches night.   The front of the house was adorned in cobwebs, a sunken hand complete with it’s own “Caution” sign, and a few jack-lanterns.  And in back we had a small, modest, yet impressive graveyard.  Hell, we even painted symbols and mad writings all over the hallway, turning it into something that came straight from the pages of some insane Lovecraftian protagonist’s padded cell.  And they ate it up.  A little goes a long way and the guys and I have become old pros at this stuff.

I take Halloween parties very seriously.  Like some astronomical planetary concordance, it’s the one night of the year that the rest of the world is line with where I spend most of my time.  And I have a long history of, if I do say so myself, and I have a lot of opinions to back this up, being involved with the best Halloween parties.   From the early days of the North Redlands house, to the massive undertaking Andrea and I threw at the San Bernardino house, and especially the now infamous Halloween 2 shindig at the Porn Palace, these things have a way of becoming entities unto themselves.  So it was a matter of great pride that this one came together so well.

As for the party itself. We had a steady flow of people all night, making the conversations fun to bounce around to-and-from as I am wont to do as a (fairly) good host.  We had a ton of  cheap beer and good liquor, some dried ice and a good mix of people and costumes.  And generally the  party went off without a hitch.  I’m  hoping I can cull enough pictures that others post for a a visual run-down as soon as they start to surface.

My evil surgeon costume evolved, as these things do, into more of a Hellish Surgeon.  Complete with an apron of human flesh, some nasty tools,  twine, a lot of fake blood, and a sex toy we have lying around the house doubling as a severed fist, it came out much better than I had originally planned.

In theory we were supposed to clean yesterday, but everyone was beaten down from the night before and except for a token effort, massive cleaning is still in order.  So as these things go, we watched a couple of movies and lazed about a lot.

And now it’s the week again.  Hoping for some real work this week, and in the meantime beating myself into a writing mood.  I have a lot of personal work that has been slacking recently, what with the move, the party, sporadic work, and some bad black moods giving me way too much wiggle room on my creativity and I plan on fixing that.

And for the record, there was a full moon in the sky.

The songs are all super gimme’s for last week.  Cut me some slack, I had a lot to do:

Halloween – Ministry
No One Lives Forever – Oingo Boingo
Halloween – The Misfits

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