Out of Phase, But Back on the Path

Life has been kind of strange this week.  I had my first full week of work back in the land of Morningstar since May, working on various shows and generally learning the ropes of being an assistant editor.  The sheer volume of information is a little daunting sometimes, but I figure as long as I keep scribbling my notes down, drawing diagrams, and a hell of a lot of repetition it’ll all eventually sink into my incredibly thick skull.  And if that doesn’t work, I’ll try trepanation and just cram crumbled up sticky notes filled with madly scribbled information into the carved hole.

I thought Kimbo would be cool, he said he'd be cool, but two hours and twenty beers later and the fucker attacked one of our producer's legs.

I didn’t think that bringing in that posse of Hawaiian midget cannibals to the yearly “Bring your kids to work” day had any effect on my standing here at work, but apparently the higher-ups around here were not amused and can smell the wrongness all around me and as such, banished me to the late night shift comprised of the hours stretching from 6PM until 4 AM. Which is ok, I like the quiet, the other AE’s hanging out here at night are both helpful and fond of keeping to themselves for the most part so I spend a lot of time in solitary confinement, staring at the dark walls of my Avid editing bay, watching TV (well work tapes) and when work allows,  listening to music.

Of course this schedule has completely cut me off from the rest of humanity.  I mean more than being a misanthropic caveman normally separates me from the herd.  Other than a couple of minutes this morning, where I was awakened just by the sound of other human voices in the house, I haven’t actually seen my roommates in days.  And we won’t get into everyone else who thinks I’ve abandoned them for the wolves when really, all I’ve been doing was trying to get my shit straightened out.

It’s been a pretty lonely existence, I won’t lie to you dear readers, but there are worse things in life than loneliness.  You know, things like starvation, bill collectors, and Ed Hardy shirts.

So there’s that.

So I’ve been spending my days at home in the fortress of solitude, cleaning up after the party and sleeping in terribly shitty small doses while my husk adjusts.  Today was the first day I really felt I had had enough sleep, had taken care of just about all of the pressing real-life issues requiring attention, and was just allowed to sit and relax in literally months.  And it was exhilarating.  Borrowed Joker’s hand wraps, went and beat out my aggression on the bag we set up out back.   And while I ended up doing a shitty job wrapping my hands, resulting in several of my knuckles looking like I took a cheese grater to them, was a lot of fun and helped vent some of my eternal, volcanic inner rage.  So I have a new thing to do during the day, in addition to our awesome Fontana Mexican Work-Out Patio we set up to make it feel like where we all grew up.

Who photoshopped Michael Landon out of this "Highway to Heaven" promo?

After that I had a chance to catch-up and watch ‘V’ which I thought ended up being pretty great.  With just a couple exceptions the acting was good and the special effects outstanding for a weekly TV show.  I have some issues with some of the melodrama reeking of day-time soaps, but this seems to be a recurring problem amongst this newer generation of network TV sci-fi shows.  Hell, ‘Heroes’ might as well just move to the 2PM time slot with all of it’s spaghetti plotlines and bad acting is crying for.  But I digress.  So I liked ‘V’ quite a bit, with ‘Lost’s Elizabeth Mitchell really winning me over, a miracle in itself after the bad blood I had developed with her after her first couple of seasons on the Island.  Yeah, having a female FBI agent dealing with something very off the charts crazy might sound a little too close to Anna Torv’s ‘Agent Dunham’ on ‘Fringe’, but so what.  And I could be talking out of my ass, I’ve seen one episode and I should probably reserve judgment for later.  Oh, and the alien woman, Anna (Morena Baccaran) was something else – damn.

So that’s what is going down.  Arent you glad you sat through all of that?  I’m not sure even I am.

Song for this post are:

Old Fashioned Love Song – Three Dog Night (dedicated to my mom, who I talked to for the first time in months yesterday and was a favorite of hers when I was very little)
Bittersweet Symphony – The Verve
TV Party – Black Flag


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