The Four in My Home

In my journeys as an astronaut of the cool, I’ve encountered a lot of really great things.  It’s what I seek in life, small gems to alleviate the curse of boredom that so easily sinks in like a terrible miasma.   In recent years I’ve become a die-hard fan of the Rock Band/Guitar Hero series, having lost hundred of hours of productive time learning to master songs with no real benefit in my life other than pure love of music and the feeling of interacting with said music and the possibility of winning a gift certificate for free  drinks down at the Big Wang’s on Sunset

But then, the other day I got ‘The Beatles Rock Band’ expansion for my birthday, via The Mayor who probably doesn’t realize just what he’s done.

Indulge me a minute of pure hyperbole-free reminiscence, it’s important reference.  One of my earliest memories in life, like if you opened up the brain bin and sorted all your memory clips by date, this is in the first few.  You dig? I remember hanging upside down from these red monkey bars my grandparents had set into side of the house we lived at down in Long Beach.  At most I was three by my accounting of location, and time, and such, and I remember singing to myself “She Love’s You” by The Beatles.  It’s always been a really funny memory for me, because it jack-hammered home that I was already infected with the pop-culture bug, and it was The Beatles which made it all the funnier to future selves reflecting on the moment.  When I was in junior high and high school I was into the same metal and punk that every other dirtbag skater kid living in Southern California in the mid to late eighties into the early nineties was.  But I was that dork who’s favorite band was still The Beatles.  It goes that far back.

So now I have this thing delivered to me for my Birthday.  And we loaded it up, packed a big one, and set to playing “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”, because well, if I was gonna play guitar it might as well be that song first.  Like a Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup from on high, the combination of the always fun RB style game with The Beatles music was near euphoric.  Seriously.

The game has a nearly flawless playlist, and gorgeous little mini videos playing in the background, displaying the Fab Four playing in the song in the appropriate time period.  Even the sounds of when you choose your instrument are little perfect chord hits.  I  mean they really went all out on this thing.

So now I have a new item on the “Favorite Things Ever To Come Into Existence” list.  I can see myself loosing way too many days on this one. In fact he Direct Tv guy has officially left the building as I write this, having replaced the crappy TV receiver with the proper HD one (Oh yes, we have TV again.  More on this later), I think I’m gonna go load it up and get to working on some little pockets of zen.


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