League of Canned Library Workers

Interesting story over at Boing Boing about library workers in Kentucky getting the pink slip because they conspired to keep Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neil’s graphic novel ‘The League of Extrardinary Gentlemen: the Black Dossier‘ out of the hands of an eleven year old girl. Check it:

According to the story, Sharon Cook, 57 and Barbara Boisvert, 62, basically colluded to keep the book out of circulation — Cook, who had become disturbed by the book’s imagery, checked it out for a year, meaning no one else could check it out. However, when an 11-year-old girl put it on hold, Cook was unable to continue her delaying tactic — and Boisvert stepped in, removing the hold, and keeping the book out of circulation.

Someone took her visual message a little too much to heart.

Both were fired for their actions. The Jessamine County Public Library has not commented on what they call a personnel matter.

Cook seems to have some kind of obsession with the book — she’s still carrying it around in her knapsack, the dirty parts marked with Post-Its. This, despite what she describes as her mortal danger when reading the book:

“People prayed over me while I was reading it because I did not want those images in my head,” she says.

Wow.  I don’t normally get happy when I hear about anyone losing their job, but this kind of close-minded, self-important censorship of others reading choices is way off-sides.   Especially for library workers whose sole job it is, in my mind, to simply facilitate the spread of information and (occasionally, heh) entertainment.  In my country we shoot people for much less than that.

Oh wait.

(Story originated from here)


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