This Year’s HorrorFest Website Goes Live

The After Dark HorrorFest is a yearly collection of eight independent horror films, some good–some bad, that get crammed together and shown in theaters consecutively over one weekend.  If you’re too slow, like I was last year, it can completely pass you by and you never even noticed that you missed something great.  And while previous years have had plenty of groan worthy material, there’s usually at least one or two gems buried deep in their cinematic graveyards.

This year’s HorrorFest website has officially gone live (follow that link!), showcasing a few of the trailers from this year’s entries.  There’s nothing finer than popcorn, a date, and a bad (or even better, great) horror film, and I’m not talking about all of the usual overly-polished crap that gets pumped into the cinaplexes like so much Augustus Gloop.  And it’s a really good way to show support for some of these smaller horror flicks and the folks who make them.  So do yourself a favor and put January 29th on the calendar for at least one of these babies.


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