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Because there’s still a little spirit left in me

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Cruise Missiles Over The Christmas Tree

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So the holidays sort of rolled in with it’s usual sledgehammer subtly.  My recent absence from everything was a result of shoring up the defenses, the kind of personal and mental lockdown that requires all energy, even the creative kind to work properly.  Right as things with work started to look positive the show got shut down, life reminding me once again that it can always get just a little bit worse.  But I’ve been getting by, even if only by an extreme test of willpower, the kind of inner heavyweight bout Don King promotes and the winner decides whether or not it’s finally time to say fuck it and run for that cabin in the middle of a peaceful and quiet mountain fortress.  So in what has become my shitty holiday tradition in the last few years, good intentions sort of ground to an ear splitting halt.

You and I both fat man, you and I both.

I think that’s one of the many reasons why I love  Halloween so much more than Christmas, it’s just one night, you go all out, have a blast, and just like that it’s done.  Christmas always seems to drag on so much longer, and some years I’m in the mood to soak in it’s candy-cane lined wonderland, but this isn’t one of those years.  So now I’m just biding my time until next year swings it’s lovely new ass into place and I can start thinking ahead.

But the meantime hasn’t all been about losing hours in Dragon Age, Beatles RB, and self-medicating check out time.  A couple friends from out of town were in the last two weeks.  One, the Brain, from up in the Bay Area now,  is one of my oldest friends, but not one I talk to all that often online.  I’m not terribly good at communication even with the internet which I suspect is due to my over exposure to chatting and online communication early in life deadening my tolerance to roughly three or four concurrent highly active online connections at any normal amount of time.  I’m far too spacey for anything more than that unless in one of my super-focused producer mindset periods.  Then anything is possible I suppose.  Ah,  I see Ive drifted again.

Where was I?  Oh yes.  Staying with The Mayor allowed Brain the freedom to come over here and hang a lot so we got a lot of face time, making up for a lot of our lack of online communication and lost time.  I miss the guy, he’s one of the smartest people I’ve ever met and a brilliant storyteller and that’s saying something considering some of the many people I’ve orbited around. The conversation is rarely dull with the guy and I put a high value on that.  Plus I got to partake in his very first bowl, something I would never in a trillion lifetimes have expected to ever say.  He was down here recovering mentally himself and taking a break from things, doing that mid/late thirties personal teeth-grinding, so I hope he was successful in easing some of that and maybe getting some different perspectives.

The other friend in town was a buddy from film school, Jon.  He was one of my closer platoon mates in school, a great kid with a sharp and sometimes wicked brain for writing and genuine love and drive to work in the industry.  So we drank whiskey and caught up a couple nights which was nice, hell we even got a little mini Sept07 class reunion over at my place where much booze was downed and many stories were told.

So all in all not bad for a dead period, which brings you current on anything worth actually talking about for the last couple weeks minus this week’s boom operating adventure, which I want to tackle in it’s own post.

RIP Dan O’Bannon

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Party due to the internet being down around here for a few days and partly because I’ve been in a self-imposed media and communication black out, I completely missed some very sad news.  Three days ago, one of my personal heroes and favorite screenwriters of all time, Dan O’Bannon died from Chrohn’s disease.

RIP Dan O'Bannon

Dan wrote and directed one of my all time dearest films ‘The Return of the living Dead“, a masterpiece of horror, zombies, punk rock, and comedy and is what I consider to be as near a perfect film as you can get when talking about B-horror films and is responsible for my exposure and love of The Cramps and 45 Grave.  O’Bannon also wrote the screenplay for the original ‘Alien‘, ‘Total Recall‘ and a ton more, including being the only writer to really successfully adapt Lovecraft to the screen in the incredibly underrated ‘The Resurrected‘.  This is a guy who has been influencing me my entire life and I’ll seriously miss his contribution to the world.

Surfin’ Dead – The Cramps

Partytime – 45 Grave

Musical Notation

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So I haven’t really had much to say, which I know is probably a shocker to some, but I’ve been in a quiet contemplative mood. A sort of quiet recharging of the batteries this week in preparation for who knows what.  So instead of weighing you down with any more text about how uneventful things have been, I’ll leave you a few songs that I’ve been listening to alot this week and do a much better job of representing the unspoken space my head is in than silly letters:

(although what’s up with this lame video??)