RIP Dan O’Bannon

Party due to the internet being down around here for a few days and partly because I’ve been in a self-imposed media and communication black out, I completely missed some very sad news.  Three days ago, one of my personal heroes and favorite screenwriters of all time, Dan O’Bannon died from Chrohn’s disease.

RIP Dan O'Bannon

Dan wrote and directed one of my all time dearest films ‘The Return of the living Dead“, a masterpiece of horror, zombies, punk rock, and comedy and is what I consider to be as near a perfect film as you can get when talking about B-horror films and is responsible for my exposure and love of The Cramps and 45 Grave.  O’Bannon also wrote the screenplay for the original ‘Alien‘, ‘Total Recall‘ and a ton more, including being the only writer to really successfully adapt Lovecraft to the screen in the incredibly underrated ‘The Resurrected‘.  This is a guy who has been influencing me my entire life and I’ll seriously miss his contribution to the world.

Surfin’ Dead – The Cramps

Partytime – 45 Grave

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