Shivering Primates: an evening.

Speaking of adventures not in paradise, Jess and I drove back to Pomona for the second time in two weeks to catch the Arctic Monkey show at the Fox.  I remembered the Fox mainly from my raving days as a worn down shithole that’s only claim to fame in my memory is a close proximity to the location I first ingested some pills of questionable origin at a party called Opium II, waaay back in ’98-’99.

But it’s much nicer now.  We saw The Kills there not two weeks back with some of The Girl’s friends and I was surprised at how they had renovated the place.  Anyways.  Good show, I love the Monkeys, good old fashioned, snotty britpop-punk in the vein of Caveman faves Supergrass and the Buzzcocks.   Here are some pictures from the rooftop bar:

Sold Out.

From the rooftop.

Jessica taking a picture of the Fox sign. How very meta. Or something.


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