Whats this Blog about?
Well obviously it’s my personal blog, so there’s that.  But also, this is a place for me to store and share some of the stuff I find interesting.  You know, like everyone else.   Lots of movies (especially horror), comics, video games, news about technology, and social and political issues I find to be important.

Who is this person?
Who the hell is Joey LaBartunek?  Easy question, I’m a  writer, director, and editor living in Hollywood, California.   A self professed media junkie and scholar of pop culture.

I was artist and co-creator of the web based graphic novel “Tom Sparks, Atomic Detective”, as well as the now defunct news, film making, and entertainment collective known as Placebo Productions, but now my days are spent working and crawling the trenches of television and film.

Currently I’m working on a few projects that will be very clear once progress gets a little further.

Places I can be found:

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My Myspace (Just don’t expect timely responses here)

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