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The Girl, The Dems, & the 2011 Pride Parade

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My girl is fairly active in politics, and certainly more so than I.  So when she got an invitation to march with the Democratic party in the 2011 West Hollywood Pride Parade, she jumped at the chance and pulled me along for the ride.  Little did I know that several hours after agreeing to do it, that I would be holding a sign and marching down the middle of Santa Monica Blvd. And while I may not be 100% on board with the party anymore, and I certainly have some issues with the Dems and maybe more pointedly the President and all of their lack of spines, I didn’t really mind holding a sign while the Obama chants went out around me.

Ahh, the things we do for love and entertainment.  I realized after the fact that holding a sign and trying to take pictures with my phone was a really bad idea, and most of the pictures I took were complete shit.  But here are a couple photos from the parading side of things, if only to say, ‘Yes, bastards, I was there’.  Cheers.

Gearing Up

Marchin' in the Streets


Shivering Primates: an evening.

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Speaking of adventures not in paradise, Jess and I drove back to Pomona for the second time in two weeks to catch the Arctic Monkey show at the Fox.  I remembered the Fox mainly from my raving days as a worn down shithole that’s only claim to fame in my memory is a close proximity to the location I first ingested some pills of questionable origin at a party called Opium II, waaay back in ’98-’99.

But it’s much nicer now.  We saw The Kills there not two weeks back with some of The Girl’s friends and I was surprised at how they had renovated the place.  Anyways.  Good show, I love the Monkeys, good old fashioned, snotty britpop-punk in the vein of Caveman faves Supergrass and the Buzzcocks.   Here are some pictures from the rooftop bar:

Sold Out.

From the rooftop.

Jessica taking a picture of the Fox sign. How very meta. Or something.

Forgetful Things

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Oh blog, how I miss you.  Here, have an update for old time’s sake.


Let’s Get Moving Again Shall We

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I can only hope he's sword in hand battling some dragon in Valhalla or something.

Alright, we’re getting back into the swing of this with a couple days of geeky reposts to whip me back into an updating state of mind.  Original content returning shortly or as soon as I shake the cobwebs off a bit more.

Oh, and big sad RIP to Frazetta and Dio who both left the planet this past week while I wasn’t updating.

RIP Frank Frazetta a man who's influence and artistic vision was unmeasurable

Song for the day (obviously):

Event Horizon – The Song

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So this band .357 Lover have written a song and shot a video about their love of the sci-fi/horror flick ‘Event Horizon‘, a movie that I have a great deal of fondness for as well.  I laughed at least.:

Because there’s still a little spirit left in me

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Posted to Twitter via my friend Kimmie-Shinetastical!!

RIP Dan O’Bannon

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Party due to the internet being down around here for a few days and partly because I’ve been in a self-imposed media and communication black out, I completely missed some very sad news.  Three days ago, one of my personal heroes and favorite screenwriters of all time, Dan O’Bannon died from Chrohn’s disease.

RIP Dan O'Bannon

Dan wrote and directed one of my all time dearest films ‘The Return of the living Dead“, a masterpiece of horror, zombies, punk rock, and comedy and is what I consider to be as near a perfect film as you can get when talking about B-horror films and is responsible for my exposure and love of The Cramps and 45 Grave.  O’Bannon also wrote the screenplay for the original ‘Alien‘, ‘Total Recall‘ and a ton more, including being the only writer to really successfully adapt Lovecraft to the screen in the incredibly underrated ‘The Resurrected‘.  This is a guy who has been influencing me my entire life and I’ll seriously miss his contribution to the world.

Surfin’ Dead – The Cramps

Partytime – 45 Grave